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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> those are our neighbors. did not want them to be on fire. he rushed into the apartment help and then he fell through a third story window. injuries e severe but he is awake. >> today he was going to have surgery. d from anre starte electrical outlet. there were smart -- working e detectors but there are as to why an escape route was locked. they had to use the exit steps from the fire. >> i think that is a hazard. we know we said, what if there fire? official got back to us today and said that the gate was locked for security reasons.
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officials said there were no violations. that date will remain locked. abc 7 news. >> and update on the firefighters who were injured fighting the fire. doing fine. be back on the job week. >> for the first time in three years, the unemployment below 8%. numbers show that the rate to 7.8%. >> the improvement was fueled 114,000 new jobs being created. it is the 24th straight month of creation in the country. politics continues because both romneynt obama and mitt in virginia today on what the report means. comes at a critical time, 32 days from the big day. scott thurman is gauging reaction from all of this.
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>> you know, by now we realize goes without an argument includes good news, the the unemployment rate. it depends on who comes tove when it crunching the numbers. >> we found out the unemployment lowests fallen to its level since i took office. president called it evidence his economic plans are working. has come too far now.rn back we have made too much progress thatturn to the policies crisis in the first place. the confidence was contagious. think it is fantastic. >> great news. >> i think we are finally momentum.o see
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changing path would not be right the country. >> the president says despite losing 800,000 jobs a month when he took office, with that -- we have added 5.2 million new jobs. says include all of stopped looking and unemployment would actually 11%.oser to >> if you gave up and said i work, you are to part of the employment statistics. outside the rally, romney counter this seemingly good news. obama wants to celebrate an economy where one in six americans are in he can do that. i do not think that is what americans are feeling right now. is only one more report so these have an influence especially those who are early voting. we will take a closer look at
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andimpact of these figures the president was talking about bird again. more on the argument over sesame street. >> our coverage continues right now on you can get our analysis of the debate and also the fallout from romney's comments on the bird and pbs. >> hello. nice to see you. >> happy friday. >> it is a friday all right. >> big changes are coming. this could come with some rain for the weekend. bob ryan has what we can expect. >> here in the weather center, what a wonderful day. i would like to talk about today. we would like to have it for saturday and sunday. above 80.ature is
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right now is 81 degrees. no sign of the big chill to come. look at the temperature right detroit. chicago was 49 degrees. that cold air, there is the cold front through ohio. the big effect will be on sunday. to the redskins game, but no luck. beautiful temperatures come into the 70's. in a fewin you minutes. for sunday. >> thank you for the warning. breaking news for montgomery county. where a taught there has after aen to hospital near drowning. the 1-year-old fell into an pond.ntal crusade the child was breathing when taken to hospital. -- crews say the child was when taken to the hospital. isthe football team's kicker
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missing. since not been seen monday morning. it sparked a massive search effort. she has the latest on that search. jennifer? was supposed to be a happy time of celebration. you can see the homecoming is under way. now -- it is the senior missing one of its own, brian kline -- glenn. they are hoping he will return home. offcoming weekend kicked parade but one student was missing. bryan glenn. >> he should be getting ready to fun withnight and have everybody else. he is somewhere waiting for us him.nd his parents were surrounded neighbors as they a five on the phone and
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his banking accounts. five on his phone and his banking account. he said he was going to find a space. >> when i heard it was a shock me that he did not come home. >> you should be at school right now. >> right. it has been hard. >> surveillance video proves he water anduts and left. s car was found in a park. friends do not understand. he seemed happy. >> he seemed excited for the homecoming game. ore than 48 hours after the found, it was impounded. there were two empty bottles of water inside. they do not believe he ran away.
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>> nothing we are seeing makes sense. >> you are looking at a live picture of the football team. was the kicker on the team among should be walking now right now but right when no one knows where he is. police are telling us they have updates in the investigation into his disappearance. tomorrow, they're planning on a candlelight vigil. abc 7 news.elan, >> the family of eight or n lifets who took his ow r his roommates by non him cam will not file a -- his roommate spied on him with a wet camp will not file a lawsuit. his parents said the university enough to prevent their son's death but now they the university is being
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responsive. roommate spent 20 days in jail after being convicted of baez intimidation. intimidation. >> there's the possibility the was friendly fire. he was shot on tuesday morning to a sensording on the border. the fbi has not commented on the investigation. o suspects have been arrested in connection with the case. >> a day care has been shut down after authorities say they found unlicensed center being run teenager and now its owners' facing charges. ashley joins us to explain all of this. >> the suspect ran the day care home behindugher me. have left their child there. behind the walls of this town house, young children were left
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all alone. thought of this loop, was watching them. her for.hat they paid the day care but was not licensed. they say she had her 16-year-old daughter care for their children. >> it is unfortunate for the put them in an unsafe environment. >> police went to her home after a tip of possible child neglect. they found six children under the age of two, three of them a room all along. >> the cannot walk or talk. they cannot let you know that something is the matter. home butt by her nobody answered the door. we found a web site for the day care that says they are trained cpr and first-aid. police say do not be fooled. should do some digging. >> if they are caring for more
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children, they have to the state. with the parents need to do their homework, the background and jack. -- and check. >> the suspect, tara loop, has with four counts of cruelty and injuries to children. >> much more still to come. the daring rescue of a woman burning home. >> that we will show you the latest trend in housing. hello, micro homes? >> baseball fever in the district. >> and a meningitis outbreak is growing as we
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are reaching out to patients who may be affected, 17,000 miles have been recalled. worried. she is one of hundreds of patients who received injections for back pain. >> it did not fit in to anything. moreore i research, the worried i got. >> 47 people in seven states gotten a non contagious from taintedgitis steroid shots. health officials have the manufacture and issued a recall. 75 clinics in 23 states that received them have been raised notify alled to patients. many as 630 people treated in virginia may have
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received these injections. sensitivity fever, to light. and other symptoms, bombing sometimes. potentially symptoms like balance. for then take 28 days infection to develop. right now, she is waiting. have a position to answer these questions and put our mind at rest. al had fungus that was visible to the naked eye. is a you know, october natural breast cancer awareness the fire department is in a way thatle is hard to miss. look at this.
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debuted this pink fire truck. firefighters will be able to in their blue shirts for support. to show >> they say that real men do not wear pink. not true because as i see standing before me today real men in pink. >> last year, the program was all13,000 which donated to breast cancer research. good for them. woman in georgia has cancer on she decided to hold off her treatment. not for long. just long enough to see her baseball player tonight before he retires. >> i wanted the picture to remember it. >> she has kidney cancer but she is going to be at the playoff the braves and the to see chipperht jones. retiring at the end of the
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season. the braves organization heard gave for and they tickets to the game. see ifionals will going through st. louis or atlanta. getting into the spirit of the playoffs. what is the best way to do that? the tailgate party. there was also guest teddy and abe. teddy still during his victory .ap man of the hour right there. weather-wise, some drastic changes. >> it is a good thing we are not the ball game on sunday. week, i think it will be baseball weather by wednesday. meanwhile, we have to get sunday. what a wonderful evening, as i highoned, for all of the
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school football games. temperatures into the low-70's. outside, and our temperature, 81 degrees. on sunday, the lowest high sunday is back from 1889. i think some of the folks in the and even spots like county may not see temperature to 50 degrees. 81, talk about the 40's book as chicago. this really tells the story. temperatures have dropped almost degrees in 24 hours. our temperature is the same as was 24 hours ago. you can see that line of showers somehere have been thundershowers, too. in indiana, there is cleveland, the temperatures are dramatic. 78 right now. it is still snowing through
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parts of northern minnesota. some wild weather to our west. go through the next 24 hours, watch. here comes this big wave in the that will be coming tomorrow. this time perhaps as early as 10:00 in the morning. here is our futurecast. tomorrow, 8:00, the calderas really begins sweeping in on some gusty northwest winds and call it downright cold as we get into sunday. later on tomorrow night, but the get up sunday morning, in over us. temperatures will only bid -- be mid to high 40's. a special son -- sunday morning. wet and cold. temperatures in the low 70's. look for the moon, the object
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jupiter.s the planet partly cloudy skies. temperatures will rise once more the 70's. maybe as high as 78, 79 degrees. then the cold air comes in. by tomorrow, the temperatures really take a tumble. look at sunday morning. temperatures will end -- only be in the high 40's. cloudy, blustery, rain, cold in the morning. is the morning to sleep in. monday, the sunshine returns. >> sunday sounds raw. togood weather to sit inside nats and the skins. coming up, a woman and her grandson trapped in a home. daring rescue the said their lives. one of the tiniest house is
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in the country. alexis douglas: i carememberwh. financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. inrance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealth y huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here?
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>> san francisco is considering allowing apartments around the same size as the when you see here, 150 square feet. cities like new yorker allowing
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the michael apartments that are of a parkinge space. >> imagine that tiny package a stand-alone house? greta kreuz introduces us to one 150 square foot home. >> you are in the great room. this is the living room. >> welcome to her tiny house. the main floor with the seating area, kitchen and bathroom. upstairs in the loft, an air mattress. thes a rebellion against mcmansions. >> not every kid needs his own play room. it is going back where you had with people. she built it for her master's .hesis is part of the online public university system. great to be able to see has done and how
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applied her degree program. >> the tiny, movement has grown and it is green. it is fueled by propane. the entire house is just 150 square feet. is average american home almost 20 times bigger and difference, this one is mobile. attached to her dad's trucks, like a camper. others are stationary. it cost to $20,000 plus appliances. she will be selling it to pay back loans. love toually i would these and run eight bed and breakfast. case you're wondering, she t an a on her thesis. >> you can get the bed or the breakfast, but not both. about clause this?
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where he put all of your shoes? >> coming up, palms evacuated of a construction accident. homes evacuated because of a construction accident. for the firefighters, it was all for the[ male announcer ]was all who will raise taxes on the middle class? work by a grandmother
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according to an independent, non-partisan stud barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax ke on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan stu for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we c can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i appre this message. we c can't afford four more years. these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting...
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lowage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? >> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. >> an infant and his grandmother by smoke and fire are safe tonight. >> i have some brave firefighters to thank. you do not see, much evidence of the fire. this could have been bad blood not because of the fast action you were talking about --
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of the it wasn't because action you are talking about. >> the smoke was really bad. d not see. >> that was reason to fear. smoke inhalation as the situationisk on a this and an elderly grandmother and an infant boy were trapped. and they could not go back in or down until firefighters arrived. you can see the actual rescue in -- photo.iod out am glad the baby got safe. i am really glad. she could have fell. she came down all right. >> the fire was quickly doused grew worse.ituation >> they did a good job. >> i am glad the baby is all
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right. >> investigators say the cause the fire remains under investigation. >> some more tense moments this bank after aa robber left a suspicious package behind. was called out show aice say he did not weapon during the robbery and no one was hurt. >> we are there any more about a involved aning that american man in israel. say that he walked into the hotel, grabbed a gun, and shot and killed a shaft was his former boss. killed moments later in a shootout with israeli commandos. he is from new york and was in a work study program. fired from his job earlier. radical preacher and four other berorist suspects will extradited immediately from the
5:33 pm
u.k. scuffles broke out in london after the decision. he faces multiple terrorism charges including helping abducted 16 hostages, including two american tourists. prosecutors say he would set up training camps. >> now for a look at our other stories, a d.c. man is being after bit -- people to safety after a last night. that man was seriously hurt he fell from a window. -- everyone else got out ok. people believe an electrical outlet may be to blame. dead due to ae meningitis outbreak -- five dead due to a meningitis outbreak. have received the
5:34 pm
injections. now, 17,000 vials of the steroid been recalled. >> for the first time in 3 1/2 years, the unemployment rate has below 8%, 114,000 new jobs were created during september. is the 24th month of the b creation in the u.s. >> a neighborhood is back to after a major propane leak. said this morning were in storing -- wells or rails when a bobcat excavator drove over an underground propane tank. >> there was gas coming out into the air. got the hazmat people. >> 5 homes were evacuated.
5:35 pm
the propane tank was eventually passed out. >> police are investigating the happened this morning. from this video it happened on interstate 95. the single vehicle accident blocked traffic for are the -- over an hour. two victims were taken to the hospital. on their condition. and now for a check on air- friday situation on afternoon. anderson has the details. >> thank you. definitely seen the impact of the three extended holiday coming up. it is basically one entire delay much of a break. some delays around the area. on maryland -- in maryland northbound, father hurley boulevard and into route 80. the beltway is slow out of
5:36 pm
.irginia from tyson's corner a brief break at old georgetown road. back to you. >> have a good weekend. tonight, all of us are remembering an important member team who we lost this week. to way following heart surgery. worked here for 33 years the stories wef have brought to you. he had also been an editor and operations manager. >> in our newsroom, many of us him for what you see there, his smile and attitude that he brought every day. had a great sense of humor be missed. everyone here will miss joe rose.
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>> a look -- a local woman will a bike race but what makes special is she is almost 70 old and she is about to do her first triathlon. you will not believe how much
5:40 pm
has raised for charity in the process. some of the reasons why she is tonight's working women. not athletic. most girls her age would never even take a jock. -- a jog. but now, in celebration of her birthday, she is training triathlon and feeling great. >> i am surprised i am doing this. w old am i? >> she did her first marathon in 2000. even more special, she is money for her charity of the leukemia society and $250,000.ised almost >> i am doing this because i comfortget out of my zone. friend, debbie, is her inspiration. had a bone marrow transplant well today.
5:41 pm
alice is training like crazy. says she's comfortable with running and biking but -- i went, i do not know how to swim. lessons. taking when she is not training, it she scientist and a vice t with a pharmaceutical company. she says aging is not an excuse. >> you are never too old. from her $6,000 away goal and supplies to get there this summer. her 70th birthday as next the best and she says are of it is -- since most into age groups, it is to win herher division. less competition. our reason to keep going. not have many 70 year-old. good on you.
5:42 pm
next, starbucks says they are on one of their signature flavors. >> we are trying to get her back. a mother takes on a mission to teach cpr. a mother takes on a mission to teach cpr.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. a mother takes on a mission these appliances could have been made here in america. but a company called global tech maximized profits by paying its workers next to nothing... under sweatshop conditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saglobal tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when?
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>> of family says cpr saves daughter laughed and l inspireoping it wil others. expected -- their daughter's life and they are inspire others. >> why it is so important. >> she is a typical little girl who loves barbie's and princesses. to take the is able steps and speak these words is of remarkable. this was her a few months ago. >> she had tubes coming out of her mouth. there was nothing that looked
5:46 pm
like her. >> she nearly drowned. >> she fell in the pool. under 41 to 2as s without an oxygen. the doctor jumped into action. a heartbeat.t not breathing. cprhe father performed ambulance arrives. >> i kept telling her, we will get her back. doing it. >> delanie started breathing again. has he not receive the correct cpr, -- had she not correct form of may have been different. usually people that cpr do not know how to do it correctly and it can actually hurt more than it can help. with chests
5:47 pm
compressions. the way it is performed is different for children. the rate of compressions and the depth breathing. >> she could be back to the way was before her accident to the life-saving treatment. is a skill everybody particularly anybody with children. >> love that smile. tv viewer who sparked outrage his e-mail to a local anchor his weight ising tonight.out alex press track him down to get his side of the story. he says he might have taken a approach and does not bully.r himself a >> to you wish you would have
5:48 pm
done things differently? >> i could have revised a few things. i never meant to hurt jennifer in any way. that.ogize for >> he also volunteered to help purlieus way. lose weight. october is national bullying awareness month. >> some starbucks fans are mad tonight. been runningave out of the pumpkin spice syrup stormingmers have been in anger. lost some out, out, there isn nationwide crisis. worry. stores that are running low t order -- canex place an extra order. >> it is a crisis.
5:49 pm
coming out -- in with a check ahead. president obama and governor romney are going to have to taxes in virginia because they are there that much. visits -- paid today. lot to talk about. the jobs report was below 8%. we will tell you why the celebrating and why mitt romney is fighting back. see you in a few minutes. >> we look forward to that. tonight, an unemployed man his pregnant wife think they a winner with a chicken dish. >> are you crying? when was the first time you put chicken in a blender? [laughter] >> tears of laughter, i guess? shark tank is on at 8:00
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tonight. all followed by abc 7 news at 11 o'clock. >> i will take your word for it, their word for it. has toee what bob ryan the weather for us this weekend. >> i think we are heading into a as the thunder comes around. evening, and also for saturday, a look at the current temperature is right now. 81 degrees in washington. hagerstown, 77. high 40's.s into the this is the picture from the forest service. you can see some beautiful color out there. the high of a late -- the high and tomorrow morning to see it.e time we will be seeing some good colors. and tonight, as the moon rises, brilliant objects that is
5:51 pm
is the planet jupiter. distance,in a polite about one second and f an hours about hal away from us. what that change tomorrow. l get into the 70's air comes in and sunday temperatures only about a cold rainth for good part of the day monday it will be nice. after that, back to some tuesday andinto wednesday. baseball weather on wednesday. not great football wednesday -- football weather. >> we have to find out to the e going to play. >> it is going on right now. nationals -- the post this
5:52 pm
season is officially here tonight. -- to the post season is officially here tonight. the winner of that game will the nationals on sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon. be there with coverage for you. .ame 2 is on monday at 4:30 if they win, they will host the yankees at home and monday at 8:00. still have to do some work. the redskins, he went hero proving that when are a kicker, the fourth time can be a charm. billy definitely saved his best last. i knew i had to prove to them, at least i am mentally tough to deal with whatever may happen. me. know they can trust >> his kick one sunday's game --
5:53 pm
sunday's game. but his first three tries were wayward. >> i look at the situation on obviously say i mind enough to kick i was already over the three once before it. i had moved on. all about having to move on. infamous wide left ended the -- in in extortionary excruciating fashion. >> in my mind, that is not an issue. to get better.e but i gave them something to hold onto. at the end, they can count on me. i atlanta and the cardinals, the play the braves.
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think st. louis's offenses carry. think st. louis's offenses carry. we're here! [ giggling ] these days, nobody has time to get sick. mom, i don't feel good. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appoiointment necessary. find a clinic near you atat
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>> it is friday and that means for happy hour. going into the holiday weekend, the celebration does have to stop for a while. the changes that will let bars serve into the morning. >> that is right. i am outside this bar in downtown washington. what is going to increase our drinking hours. right now it closes at 2:00. they will be able to sell food for 24 hours. the reasons is they calculate make an additional $3 revenue.n tax nightlife has been booming along city andgrowth in the is about to last longer. n stay openng food ca
5:58 pm
hours and on monday, they can until 4:00 am. >> we are hoping to bring more business in here. >> the review applications of 57 bars and approved 42 of them. even more next year. bars are interested. it does not help us. most of the games and at midnight. >> others, like the park on 14th, want the extra hours in the future. >> people are expecting to go later. t is the problem for one council member who voted against it. l be more drivers who are intoxicated. be spillover effects from noise and everything else. there will be no subway and bus. >> many bars are located in
5:59 pm
residential areas. 19t year and there will be days when d.c. will have the hours.d sam ford, abc7 news. >> thank you for joining us. stick around for the friday night edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. live and in hd, this is a be 7 news at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute big story, the presidential candidates are back the battleground state of about thealking jobless picture. >> president obama and mitt romney made appearances today. the president held an event at mason university and mitt romney in southwestern virginia. topic, the dip in the .nemployment rate it was enough


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